Is it time for a Website Redesign?

Is it time for a Website Redesign?

Is it time for a Website Redesign? 

You already have a website, right? So why is someone trying to convince you to change it? The truth is that both technology and web design are evolving so quickly today that remaining current is more important than ever if you want to stay competitive. From responsive design to SEO, everything about the Internet and how people use it has changed drastically during the past few years. Over time, the focus of your business and even your customer base may have changed as well – while competition in most markets is on the rise. It’s important that your website shows your current customers and potential new customers that you have a firm grasp of the needs and desires of today’s consumers. While you may be reluctant to spend the money for a new website design, if done properly, redesigning your website can provide you with a high return on investment (ROI).

How a Website Redesign Helps Your Business

You Won’t Miss Any More Sales Opportunities.

As many as 81% of customers conduct online research before making major purchases.

If your website appears outdated or is not responsive so that it displays well on ALL computer devices, then potential customers won’t find it user-friendly and will simply move on to a competitor’s website – and you will have lost a potential sale.

First Impressions Make All the Difference.

Overwhelming research consistently shows that you have literally seconds to impress a website visitor before they “bounce” from your site – leaving without learning more about your products or services, clicking on additional pages or links, or making any sort of contact. The reasons people leave your site may include

  • A website that is not responsive, so it simply can’t be viewed effectively on many existing Internet-based systems including smart phones and tablets.
  • An unattractive, uninviting, or outdated design. People today are drawn to modern, bright, and attractive web pages.
  • A website that is not up to date on information such as hours of operation, products and service offerings, contact information, etc.
  • A site that takes too long to load and/or is not easily navigated and interacted with by visitors. User experience, or UX, is an essential part of website design.

Outdated Websites and Content Management Systems Can Cause You Problems.

If your current website was built using older technologies, your CMS may be hard to use – making it difficult for you to keep the information on your site up to date. You are also more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, Internet viruses, and security breaches that can leave you with serious problems on your website – and even infect your customers when they visit your site.

  • According to CNBC, small businesses have now become a major target for hackers because big companies focus more on modern software and Internet security.
  • Cyber-crimes currently affect over 556 million individuals a year and target small businesses as well as educational, medical, financial, government, and military organizations.

Today’s Tech-Savvy Customers Want to Research and Compare Online Before They Buy.

The first place almost any customer today – whether B2B or B2C – looks is at a company’s website. And then they look at other companies’ websites to compare what they see on your site with what they see on your competitors’. The incredible success of companies such as Amazon demonstrates the fact that today’s consumers and businesses want the ability to research and compare cost, product specifications, company histories, customer feedback and other issues on the Internet before they actually make a purchase. And marketing research has found that;

  • 66% of consumers conduct their research on a PC or laptop before they buy.
  • 79% of customers feel empowered by using new technology.


Why Choose Scarlett Vision Media

Scarlett Vision Media offers you over 12 years of experience working with a broad range of industries, both B2B and B2C. We understand that every client is unique and each brand has its own story to tell. We take the time to craft thoughtful, custom approaches for each and every web design project. Beginning with a detailed research and discovery phase, we gain an intimate understanding of our clients and their business, with collaboration an essential part of our process. The better we understand your needs, the better we can identify your concerns and the more efficiently we can create problem-solving solutions together.

Relying on our foundation for superior project management, our team of world-class creatives and technologists ensures that pixel-perfect web design is met with cutting-edge technology, exceptional user experience, and customer-driven content. Our tried and true processes enable our team to quickly deliver upon every great idea with enthusiastic execution. But we don’t stop there. We continue to analyze, finding key insights and implementing adjustments as needed to ensure successful results for your business.