How do you take on industry Titans without the resources or man power? Simple… you build a great team of passionate people to disrupt the industry shifting the balance of power into your favor. This is exactly what Fusion Graphix did and we are proud to be a part of that team.


Fusion Graphix




Custom Website Development

Looking to disrupt their industry and streamline their business processes we first worked with the team at Fusion Graphix to determine what this meant. We identified several business processes that could be integrated into their web application that would dramatically free up time and increase efficiencies. We then shifted our focus to the user experience where we wanted to allow the customer to be able to do things that they couldn’t do any place else. Successfully accomplishing these two areas would firmly place Fusion among the leaders in the industry. Our software solution and custom website development did just that.

Product Customizer

One of the most unique website features was to allow the users to be able to customize their order in real time. Using HTML5 we created a customizer that allows users to choose the colors, logos, numbers, names, etc. for a wide selection of products and watch their order change as they make selections. This was imperative in order to streamline the back and forth between Fusion staff and the customer during the order processes. In the end we received rave reviews across the board from both Fusion staff and their customers on the ease with which orders can customized.

Easy Flexible management of Customization via PURL CMS

Every great feature must be supported by flawless execution. Having designed the front end user interface it became critical that staff be able to harness all of the coolness we created and apply it to just about anything their hearts desired. We made this happen by integrating these controls via our PURL content management system. This allows their team to roll out the customization feature of any product on their website. All values and attributes are fully controllable via their content management system.

Significant Increase in ROI

After launch it was clear that we had succeeded in our mission. We had a 254% increase in unique visits per day, with and average order value of $287.43, and an increase in online revenue of over 600%.

Sync qith QuickBooks

Another business need was to make sure that all of the website transactions where synced with their accounting software QuickBooks. We used the QuickBooks API and their web connector and developed a script to pass all orders to QuickBooks so that their team can have a full accounting of their business at the end of each day.  

PURL Content Management System

The last piece of this project was to make sure that each and every component of this site was fully controllable via the content management system. We fully customized our PURL CMS to provide the fusion team with a fully scalable software solution.


We came to SVM with a dream that we weren't even sure was possible. They took our ideas of having a customizer to a whole new level and blew our minds with the development of the platform. SVM's team was extremely easy to work with, which made it really easy to make our ideas come to life. We now have a website that we can easily update for years to come and it has more than doubled our business in the first year. Not only has it helped our business but it has also helped our customers pick and choose their graphics and customize exactly what they want. Huge props and thanks goes to the crew at SVM.


Tyson Blood