Jared Allen turned to us to help him create the first “Team” within the PBR. He needed an Identity, Responsive Website, Branded Merchandise and a Media Kit to help attract sponsors. He turned to us to help bring this concept to life. Here is what we did.


Jared Allen's Pro Bull Team




Custom Website Design + Development

After creating the brand identity and defining the color palate we went to work on creating a website that would captivate his audience. We want an immersive digital solution that would able to provide them a glimpse into what the PBR was all about. We turned to full browser HTML5 video to help convey this larger than life sport. We also needed to pay extra attention to the enthusiasts that were likely to frequent the site, looking for real-time stats. So we created a cron job to update the site every hour with the latest stats from probull stat.

Facebook Feed

The goal was to make this site as low maintenance as possible with regards to updating. We created the cron job to keep stats accurately updated automatically, and similarly we integrated a facebook feed to populate the news page with current news.

Ecommerce Store

Since we needed a place to sell the teams official merchandise we built in ecommerce functionality and offered the items for sale with a very easy to use one page checkout process.

PURL Content Management System

Jared Allen’s Pro Bull team needed to make sure that they had full control over updating the website so we built this site on our PURL content management system.

Logo Design

In creating this identity we wanted to fuse the NFL, and the PBR while doing so in a patriotic way. It was important to Jared that this logo visually represent what the team was.

Official Merchandise Design

We designed and produced official T-Shirts for the top two JAPBT bulls “Airtime” and “Magic Train”.

Media Kit Design

The last piece in launching this project was to create a media kit that would help educate potential sponsors of the Pro Bull Riding demographic and the potential media value of their participation. We did all of the market research, design and production of these brochures.




When I decided to create the first ever PBR bull and bull rider team I knew I needed to have an awesome brand that would attract sponsors and represent me and the PBR. I went back again to SVM and told them what I was doing and they took it from there... creating an identity, website and official merchandise for the JAPBT brand. The finished product was outstanding! So good in fact we commissioned them to put together a media kit that allowed me to reach out to potential sponsors interested in joining my team."    



Jared Allen