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Responsive Website Design


How do you capture the essence of a person that is larger than life? A father, husband, athlete, patriot and for many people an American Hero. This was our challenge in creating the Official Website for Jared Allen.


Jared Allen




Custom Website Design

Our focus in creating the latest iteration of jaredallen69inc.com was to bring together everything that Jared Allen represents in simple, clean and intuitive design. The first step was to create a separate home for all of the online properties that used to be housed on one website. The home page was then designed to showcase these other sites and direct users to those sites should they be interested.

Facebook Feed

To keep the content current on the site current and make updates easy for Jared, we created a custom Facebook feed to populate the site with current content. The news section allows you to choose from one of three Facebook feeds (Jared official page, his H4WW page and his Pro Bull Team’s).


JA's Official Properties

As Jared’s other business endeavors continued to grow it became imperative to create separate online destinations for each of those. However, we wanted to capitalize on the traffic to jaredallen69inc.com as well as make sure his fans know of his other businesses. So we devoted space on the home page as well as a “connect” page to highlight everything that Jared Allen has going on.


JA's Official Shop

One of Jared’s most trafficked sites is his online store. We re-designed and developed this ecommerce store to feature all official Merchandise of Jared Allen. This ecommerce website is built on our PURL content management system, making order fulfillment quick and easy.

JA's Apparel Design

Not only do we handle all of the Digital for Jared Allen, we also design, produce and fulfill all of his official merchandise. Jared’s Official merchandise has been distributed by a number of retail chains across the mid-west.



Since 2008 SVM has helped me create and share what Jared Allen 69 INC is. They took what I knew was my image and lifestyle and created a brand that I was now able to showcase online. As we grew I came back to SVM to revamp my original website to guide visitors to everything  that is now JA69INC. This includes my merchandise, charity, restaurants, and PBR team. They always deliver great work on time and on budget!




Jared Allen