We have a long history of working with the team at O’Neill Wetsuits helping to bring their digital vision to life. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects. Here is just some of what we have done with the amazing team at Area 51.


O'Neill Wetsuits




Custom Website Development

Having the opportunity to work on numerous microsites, one of our largest undertakings was the design and the development of the O’Neill wetsuits microsite. We designed and developed a responsive website that would serve multiple regions and present products based on that region.

Product Sync

To make sure that product information was accurate across all of their online properties we had to sync all products with their global website and create a cron-job to update the microsite with product updates at the end of every day. This streamlined the management of this site for the O’Neill Wetsuit staff while ensuring the most accurate information was always available.

Product Information

The site was designed with an emphasis on helping the user find the correct product for their application. We created filters based on sex, activity, and water temperature that would help guide the user to the correct product for their application. Once a product was identified we presented all of the information and directed them to the closest dealer

Key Stats

Since launch the micro site has received over 50M page views, with an increase in time on site by over 240% with an increase in daily visitors of over 67%.

Micro Sites

We helped bring O’Neill’s concept of the “Freakshow” to life in this flash microsite.

Email Marketing

We managed O’Neill’s email marketing campaign for the launch of the freak show micro site and ad campaign.


The team at SVM has been an invaluable partner in realizing our communication goals at O'Neill Wetsuits. Thier team continues to deliver stellar work, on time, within budget. I would recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their creative to a higher level.


Brian Kilpatric