Opti-Fit turned to us to help redesign their website and better position them as a leader in their industry. Their main focus was a shift in their business model to now offer their products for sale on their website. We redesigned their website with an emphasis on highlighting their products and making purchasing those products quick and easy.






Custom Website Design + Development

It was important that the new Opti-Fit website be more in line with their newly updated brand guidelines. Everything from colors, fonts, and imagery needed to tie in with their other brand touch points. We worked to create a clean, simple, and modern interface that would present their visitors with the best choices in fitness equipment.

Ecommerce Store

We designed and built a fully custom responsive website with full ecommerce functionality. Our focus was on providing the user with an intuitive way to find the products they were looking for while providing the backend infrastructure to allow the Opti-Fit team to easily maintain their website.

Featured Products

We decided that the new website should help present the user with the top pieces of equipment and we would list those on the home page of the site. We designed the site to make these easily updatable so the staff could keep these products current.

Search Engine Optimization

Our focus is on improving the organic ranking for 30 crucial keywords. Ranking of those words are greatly improving, organic traffic is improving, time on site has increased and so have website conversions.