Responsive Website Design


Savona Equipment is a leader in used mining equipment and needed a website that was more intuitive for their users, and was much more efficient for their staff. They choose us to create a user interface that would appeal to their clientele, and to create the technology solution that would streamline the operations of several offices and track thousands of pieces of equipment across several continents.


Savona Equipment




Custom Website Development

Our solution consisted of a responsive website design that focused on highlighting their equipment and services. Since Savona has equipment over the world they needed to be able to track and easily organize this equipment. We worked with them to categorize this information into the most intuitive categories and then provided them the tools on the back end to fully manage this equipment.

Requesting Quotes

The main conversion matrix on this site was to increase equipment quotes. We worked through several iterations of A/B testing to determine the optimum UI to drive these conversions.

Signifacnt increase in ROI

Savona also hired us to manage their online marketing post launch to get the most from their new website launch. In the 6 months following launch we have increased their organic search traffic by over 260%, Their equipment quotes have increased by over 300%, and they are ranking on the first page for over 10 targeted keywords.


PURL Content Management System

To make sure Savona had full control over their website content, equipment, and quotes we built their new site on our PURL CMS.


Savona Equipment wanted to build a website above and beyond industry standard and needed a company that could meet those expectations. Scarlet Vision Media delivered what we asked for and added their own expertise to what at times were difficult challenges. The results speak for themselves! As a company Scarlet Vision Media has become a key partner in not only developing a first class website, but has also become a major tool in growing our business.

Jerrod Downey