The team at ShoeBox travel turned to us to help bring their travel blogging site to life. Their goal was to provide a platform that was easy to use regardless of where you were at in the world. We developed a clean user interface and integrated all of the features they wanted in this first phase of the project.


Shoebox Travel





Custom Web Application

There was a host of features that the Shoebox Travel team wanted to integrate into this application. The driving force behind every bit of functionality was the ease of use for the user, and their staff in managing the content on the site.

User Dashboard

We created a user dashboard that enabled each user to access their account and blog about their travels. It was important to the Shoebox team that users could easily share this information with their social networks and in turn drive traffic back to the Shoebox Travel website.

Travel Community

Wanting to create an application that provided more utility to its users than just being able to blog about their travel, we created a community where each user was able to share their experiences.

Rate Your Travel Destinations

Users are able to connect with other travelers to discuss and rate their travel destinations… airports, restaurants, hotels, activities and more.

Meet New People

The driving force of this site was to connect to likeminded travelers and be able to share your experiences regardless of where in the world you are.